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Maharashtra Mandal of south Florida is proud to publish its newsletter “Darpan”. Darpan is a Sanskrit word for mirror. Darpan was also the name of the first Marathi newspaper started by Balshashtri Jambhekar during the British rule in early 1800’s. Darpan is our way of communicating with our members and to keep them informed of Mandal activities as well as community events. Through Darpan we also hope to provide a forum for all our members to share their knowledge, creativity and art with the community.
Darpan is your publication and we request you to take an active role in contributing to the contents of this newsletter. We look forward to receiving your literary input, be it a poem or joke or cartoon or an article that you have written. 
This is our way of sharing our cultural heritage.  
 Darpan March 2024 

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