We urge you to become members of MMOSF. It is only with the support of the community that we can achieve our goals and take the Mandal to greater heights. Being a member and a part of the Mandal fosters a feeling of togetherness creating a feeling of a home away from home.
Benefits of being a member:
  • Members can avail of discounted rates for all events
  • Members will get at least one free event with two years (one term) membership
  • Members get an opportunity to showcase their talent during MMOSF events
  • Newcomers to south Florida have immediate access to the Maharashtrian community
  • Children can earn community service hours by volunteering during Mandal events
  • MMOSF provides you with an opportunity for professional networking
  • As a not‐for‐profit organization MMOSF has the ability to approach sponsors and donors. Funds received from these sources go towards promoting our Maharashtrian heritage
  • MMOSF works with BMM to promote our programs on a national platform
  • Through MMOSF, members have access to larger forums such as BMM (Brihan Maharashtra Mandal), MAIYTRA (Maharashtrian Association of Indian Youth Together Representing America)
  • As we grow in strength we hope to raise funds to set up scholarships and charities to help the needy
Membership -2021:
Membership is for the calendar year (January to December) 2021.
You can pay the membership by Check (make payable to MMOSF) or online by Paypal (link below).

Please fill the Membership Form and pay either by Paypal or by Check. Payments in person are accepted in form of Cash or Check. Please do not mail cash with the membership form.


$50 (Include kids below 18 yrs)



Student (Upto age 30 yrs)

 $25 (All member events are included in membership fee)
Event charges per membership status
Patron Membership
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Donation and Sponsorship MMOSF accepts donations to the Mandal. MMOSF also accepts partial all or full sponsorship of events organized by the Mandal. Please contact any of the executive committee members regarding donations and/or sponsorship. Your membership, donation and sponsorship checks (made payable to MMOSF) may be handed over to any of the committee members if you meet us in person or be mailed to the treasurer Ghanesh Kulkarni or you may pay online. I would like to donate to MMOSF: